HeART of the Community arrives in the Gumboot Capital

Taihape now has its own take on one of Andy Warhol’s most famous artworks, becoming the eighth rural town to benefit from Farmlands’ HeART of the Community. The colourful Pop art mural painted by renowned artist Otis Frizzell on Taihape’s Farmlands store features portraits of six sheep pulling typical sheep faces. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s famous 1962 Pop artwork of Marilyn Monroe, the mural was co-created with the help of Farmlands Taihape staff to reflect the town’s spirit, history and environment.

Otis says the idea to paint the sheep came from seeing so many when driving through and around the Rangitikei town. “I wondered what it would be like to paint sheep as if they were having their portraits taken to show their fun and quirky side.” He says the mural is Taihape’s take on Warhol’s famous work, known as Marilyn Diptych. “It may not become as famous, but I hope the Taihape locals will enjoy looking at their version as much as I’ve enjoyed working with Farmlands to paint it.”

The work paints another picture of Taihape, known as the gumboot capital of New Zealand. A gumboot was not included in the mural’s design because the Farmlands store sits less than a kilometre away from the famous corrugated iron gumboot sculpture.

More than 50 excited locals went to the mural’s public gifting ceremony in early November. Farmlands Taihape Business Manager Mike Collings says they were stoked to work with an artist of Otis’ calibre to create something for the community.

“Locals are already saying how fun and quirky the mural is. It complements our gumboot capital status quite nicely and it will bring the community a lot of joy in years to come.” - Michael Collings, Farmlands Taihape Business Manager.

Check it out at Farmlands Taihape,

3 Linnet St, Taihape.