Otis Frizzell

“I’m excited about collaborating with the Taihape Farmlands team on this – with so much rich rural content from this area, she’s gonna be a beauty!”

Otis Frizzell, commissioned to create the 8th of 15 Farmlands HeART of the Community art projects, is a creative force of nature.

With an eclectic background including everything from radio to street food, he’s most notably a public graffiti artist unparalleled in the New Zealand street art scene, and is a household name in many parts of the country alongside his famous artist father, Dick Frizzell.

Since 2013, Otis and Sarah Frizzell’s ‘Lucky Taco’ food truck has become somewhat of an icon, taking their passion for soft shell tacos and spicy food to the streets.


Mr G

The locally inspired HeART of the Community murals will be painted by world famous, Bay of Plenty based Kiwi artist Graham Hoete, known as Mr G painted the first 7 of the 15 murals in 2017.

He is a contemporary multi-disciplinary artist renowned for his high profile works of art across mixed canvases – anything from cliff faces, sheds and even water tanks. Last year, he made headlines with his massive murals of Kiwi NBR superstar Steven Adams, unveiled in downtown Oklahoma City, and Prince in the singer’s hometown of Chanhassen, Minnesota - now one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city.

While appreciated internationally, Mr G’s heart is in rural New Zealand, so he leapt at the chance to be involved in our Heart of the Community project.“project. “It’s given me the opportunity to put these hardworking people on the map”, he says. “It’s an honour to be able to do this”.